Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Happy birthday, dear husband; happy birthday to you! [UPDATED]

Aaaah crap it's raining. The patio is covered so I'm still hoping for the best. But :-p at Mother Nature.

You may or may not be able to guess from the obscure post title, but today is Steve's birthday. Yay Steve!

I can safely give away my plans on here because he never reads my blog (and if you decide to today of all days, stop now ok?).

We finally found a patio set we like - and it's pretty cool. It's that new plasticy wicker stuff that lasts forever outside (like this). It has a square table, and then four chairs that fit in underneath the corners of the table so when they're pushed in, it looks like a little cube. So cute! BUT WAIT, there's more! Each chair has a little cube underneath it that pushes out so you can either use it as a footstoole, or as a seat. So it sits eight and still "folds up" into a cube. Me likey :) We also bought a two-seater sofa in the same style for maximum chillaxing with friends by the pool.

I'm off now to go find him a kick ass-barbeque for his present. I bought free range, 28 day mature beef rump for us for dinner (and I even remembered the charcoal and fire lighters). I am making roomaartappels (potatoes dauphinoise) and creamed spinach. He should approve. Oh, and ice cream tiramisu for desert. And assorted snacky things for starters (we better have room for desert!).

He's having a poopy day so I hope it cheers him up.

OK that's all for now, I better get going, I have no idea where to find a good barbeque (braai).


Zohar said...

Happy birthday Mr. Moo!

Jean said...

Send our very good wishes to Steve ... I did say happy birthday to him on FB, but I doubt he will see it. I hope the BBQ goes off well!.. Lots of love Jean.

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