Friday, 30 October 2009

Gone fishing

So, today's my last day at the office!

I have got some documents to wrap up detailing the projects I've been working on so I can hand them over, and then I just need to get all my crap off the hard drive and tidy my desk.

This is my first goodbye and the first time it really feels like the move is real. It's not nice to leave colleagues behind and a bit scary to make so big a change but I'm starting to get excited.

Not too excited yet, though, as not working next week means I have to pack in ALL seriousness!

Looking forward to lunch at the pub with colleagues and some drinks there after work. I just wish I wasn't so tired from my very painful shoulder muscles keeping me awake, but Tesco had these horribly tacky looking giant cans of "Relentless" energy drinks on special. The MD's already thought it was a can of beer - a bit early for that, even on your last day at work! :D

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Citizen Moo

I have been granted British citizenship!!

After marrying a British citizen, we had to fly to Pretoria for an interview two days after our wedding for me to get a two year long settlement visa before I could come live and work in the UK with my husband, for which I had to present passports, marriage certificate, details of his employment and home and of my education and letters we've exchanged and heavens know what else.

Then after those two years I had to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain, for which I had to submit passports, marriage certificate, bank statements, payslips, council tax documents, mortgage statements, medical correspondence, and another two folders full of miscelanious docs showing how we've been living together as a normal couple. I also had to write the Life in The UK test which makes you learn a book full of facts hardly anyone in this country knows.

Then after two years I could apply for naturalization, for which once again I had to submit payslips, bank statements and all the usual crap.

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY BANK STATEMENTS I'VE SAVED OVER THE YEARS, or how full my filing cabinet is, or how paranoidly I hang on to any document from a remotely official source that has both our names and address on?

HOWEVER I'm not complaining. I am very, very happy as I thought the application might come through so late I'd have to come back to the UK on holiday to attend my naturalisation ceremony! You see, I am not a citizen yet, I am waiting for an invitation from Home Office to attend a ceremony where I'll be presented with a citizenship certificate. I can then use that to apply for a passport, after attending an interview.

I had to apply for citizenship if we ever wanted to move back to the UK as you lose Indefinite Leave to Remain after being out of the country for two years or more.

I will of course be retaining my South African citizenship too so from here on out the world is my oyster.

So yes, Moo is happy and thankful today.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I have a cold

Colds are odd. They're the least likely illness to garner you much sympathy, and yet there's no cure (which you should read in a really dramatic voice). It affects your sinuses, which leaves your eyes and nose feeling clogged and swollen and since this is the place where we do most of our observing of the world, and breathing, it really makes all the rest of you feel odd, out of touch and miserable. It affects your brain and muscles and makes you feel lethargic and like you never want to leave your sofa again. You long for some quenching fluids and nourishing food but you can't be arsed to get up and go into the kitchen. You use up a small deciduous forest in tissues. You sound like Daffy Duck when you try to talk. And if you're me you keep falling asleep with a throat lozenge in your mouth, no matter how often you tell yourself it's a really unsafe idea.

And yet I couldn't justify staying home for a second day in a row for AN INCURABLE DISEASE (see, it's fun being melodramatic).

I wish I had because not only do I feel worse now I'm at work than when I got up this morning and decided to go to work, but I am also clearly in a slightly delirious, odd, philosophical state which is bad for myself and anyone around me (which includes you since you were silly enough to read this far).

So, yeah: what's up with the common cold?

More news on moving when there is any, promise.

Friday, 16 October 2009

We're moving. Probably...

Steve (husband) has had a really crappy time at work lately (think working till 2am) and hasn't really sorted out anything regarding the shipping, my ticket or his leave in December. It's a bit frustrating.

I think I'll go buy some boxes this weekend (rather than wait for the free ones from the shipping company I've been bargaining on) and try to start packing.

There's so much to do, I'm not sure where to start.

Hopefully the next time I write about the move I'll know when my flight is at least. Then I'll just have to worry about how I'm going to fly everything I want to take with me, home!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Moo & Keo's first convention

Woohoo, my friend Matt booked a table today for his and my little webcomic, Moo & Keo, at the 2010 UK Web & Mini Comix Thing! I am so sad that I may not be here. I hope to, though, depending on what things look like in March.

We're really excited about the exposure but mostly just about the fun. If I go I fully intend to bake lots of cupcakes for handing out. If I don't, I fully intend to be there via webcam on Matt's laptop. We're starting to plan the merchandise and freebies we'd like to get sorted such as badges, t-shirts and other (preferably totally quirky) things.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

GIR (aka, the car)

Yes, our Ford Focus is named after GIR.

GIR's been for two services so far and we still can't find the original service history booklet (we are kind of like that). Luckily, the last time I was at the dealership the woman on reception told me I can order a new book and they'll fill it in for me - and also to order it online as it is more expensive than it needs to be from Ford itself. I found one on eBay for £5 plus free shipping - and at £5 I don't mind giving it a shot and seeing if it turns out ok.

I'm glad to say it did! Yay eBay. GIR is now all caught up on his service history which is nice as we're shipping him to SA. It would have cost a fortune in import duty and VAT for me to take a car back as a returning citizen; but luckily hes in Steve's name and it's duty-free for new immigrants. So yay, GIR is coming to South Africa. We still need to read through all the paperwork though and actually arrange the shipping. Eeep.

Speaking of GIR, he really needs a wash. Oh, no no no, I don't wash him. Don't be silly. I take him to the dodgy looking carwash down the road on the site of the abandoned petrol station where they clean outside and in for £10.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Cylon Pumpkin Lantern. WANT.

Second entry pressure!

So, I guess I should think of something to write again.

Not much has happened with regards to the move; except that Steve has booked his ticket. I am not sure when exactly I'm flying yet, as Steve's work is organizing all of that.

We won't be selling our house in the UK. We're lucky enough that we can afford to make the mortgage payments from the average rent for the area. So we'll be renting it out. We were very glad to hear friends of mine from church are thinking about renting the house but after a great discussion they haven't gotten back to us in over a week, I don't think it's a good sign.

At least I may have found a home for our dining room table. I'm trying to get rid of stuff because we're only taking our very favourite pieces of furniture (the massage chair and the solid oak sleigh bed with separate massaging and adjustable mattresses are a must!). The rest will either have to stay for the tenants (assuming we can get some!) or be put on eBay or something. I'm not sure I fancy that headache though, how do I ship it? I think I may just take it all to a boot sale.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Welcome and thanks

Firstly, thanks to everyone at my spiritual home on the internet, the xkcd fora, for their input and for the interest in the blog.

So, hi, I'm Moo. Or Moonica. Or in extreme cases, Moohanica: Last of the Moohanicans.

I'm a white, Afrikaans, Christian, late 20s, geek girl South African living with my British husband Steve (aka Stefaans aka Shandy) in England. He's been offered a great job in the Johannesburg headoffice so soon we'll be moving (happy and sad at the same time). I have two weeks of work left and a LOT of packing. He's leaving in a month exactly from today, I'll join him a few weeks after.

This blog is really somewhere to document the move and dump some of the randomness that pops into my curly head sometimes.