Wednesday, 23 June 2010

It must have escaped through a wormhole


I could've sworn I wrote a long old post about the Singapore holiday. I can now, however, find no hint of it on the blog or in the outbox of the email account I use to send blog updates from work*.

I may or may not get around to rewriting it all. We shall see (however, if you know me at all, you may already know it's not looking good...). It was very interesting and well written though, although you'll have to take my word for that ;) .

* if I don't do something as soon as I think of it, it gets lost in the short attention span. The blog's dashboard is blocked at work.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can see a post called 'Singapore - A holiday in pictures' on the main page, but it just gives a HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error so I have no idea what went wrong - just though I'd let you know :)

Zohar said...

I can see the same as blueeyed. I'm sure it was informative. :P

Moonica said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I could've sworn there was a text format post about the holiday, that promised I'd upload photos soon (prompting the photo album post).

Regarding the album, it did work when I first uploaded it. I mananaged to lock myself out last night so I couldn't fix it but I will change it tonight.

Moonica said...

Huh, the gallery is working again. When it didn't work, I was at the office. When I made it, and now, I'm at home. I wonder if it's just coincidence and the hosting site was down all the time I wasn't going online at home.

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