Monday, 13 September 2010

Only 9 months later...

I am so happy right now. So happy, in fact, that I am not even going to dwell on how the movers once again proved their incompetence once again.

At 10am this morning Steve got a call that someone was at the house to deliver something. He asked if they could just leave it there. They said no. He asked if it was, in that case, a big package? They replied, no, it's 50 packages.

In other words, more or less the sum total of our earthly possessions.

In short, our boxes from the UK finally arrived. As the title of this post indicates, it's taken around 9 months; so no, sorry if the title was misleading, no pitter patter of little feet just yet; just the pitter patter of me in shoes I haven't had in my posession for months.

We will have to figure out where to put everything, and then we'll have to unpack everything and mantle (that's the opposite of dismantle, right?) our bed and such, and then we'll have to HAVE THE HOUSEWARMING TO END ALL HOUSEWARMINGS!

I may post some photos later. I may even stop posting in all caps later, but I'm very excited right now so it's hard to say.

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Peter said...

Yay, awesome... and thanks for letting me know to NEVER send anything by tugboat. 9 months is absolutely ridiculous.

I think the opposite of dismantle would be assemble, or reassemble, in this instance.

Erm... I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of the 50 boxes delivered... lol I bet it looks quite funny the vastness of the deliveries. :D

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