Friday, 12 November 2010

Safe and sound in the UK

So, as you may or may not be aware, I'm in the UK for Thoughtbubble.

Landed this morning, after a very good flight. I have no idea why I ever did trans continental flights without sleeping pills! Or without flight socks, those things are truly miraculous. I've had water retention in my legs before so bad from an 11 hour flight I could literally not walk; but with these things I don't even have to get up for stupid walks in tiny circles in the tiny corridors, or try to do leg stretches dangerously close to the emergency exit because that's the only space air hosts and hostesses don't glare at you for being in their way or their galley.

I'm at Toby and Bronwyn's now; Toby was kind enough to come get me at the airport this morning at the cost of being late for work, which is great because lugging all that luggage around the tube on your own is really rubbish. I've had a nice hot shower and made myself a BLT pita of awesomeness. Later I'll wash my dishes and attempt a tiny bit of unpacking* and then go into the city. I bargained on sleeping today but since I was out cold on the plane, I am feeling surprisingly rested.

I'm staying with them until the end of the weekend, and then I'll go down to Rayleigh (near Southend, in Essex) to stay with Stuart and Louise and also see Steve's family.

I've brought the little Asus eeePC so I'll try to do regular updates as and when free wifi and/or bumming friends' internet allows.

* they're some of my best friends in the world and don't mind me abusing their home as a sort of "base" from where I'll pack a few days' cloths in my hand luggage for every new place I'm going, thus saving me from having to travel with my big 21kg suitcase all over Southern England.

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