Thursday, 2 December 2010

Forthcoming attractions

OK, so in an effort to start writing, I am hereby committing myself to a number of entries on the following topics in the coming weeks (although, not necessarily in that order).
  • The tragic tale of Roy and the Pavement
    In which I had a bit of an oopsy with the car, and Auto and General insurance sucks very, very much.

  • The London trip: an overview
    In which I talk about what I did, how it was, and show you pictures I took while doing it.

  • The London trip: Thoughtbubble!

  • The London trip: just how much does SAA suck?
    Getting sick, getting home, getting annoyed. Not always in that order.

  • The big 3 0
    I'm old now. But I had an awesome party!

  • My new Kindle, aka How Awesome Is Steve
    (hint: it's pretty damn much)

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