Monday, 31 October 2011

He's here!!!

My little Ziggy just couldn't wait any longer - on Monday morning, 24 October, at 10:29am, Lukas Joubert Brown was born via c-section. He weighed a very healthy 3.5kg (about 7.7 pounds) and is perfectly healthy in every way. He's supposedly 3 weeks early but he's in no way "premature", and I have my doubts about the accuracy of his predicted due date.

I'll post his birth story some time soon, and the gorgeous photos Steve has been taking, but for now here's a cellphone-camera photo.

We're getting on quite well; we're learning about each other every day and although it's a big change and a challenge in many ways, I have a great support network at home and I'm enjoying it a lot. Steve is very supportive, handy and excited to get to know his son, and my parents are here from the Cape. I am not quite sure how I'd have managed the last few days without both the emotional support they provide and the practical help of basically running the household for us. While they are taking care of the food, dishes, laundry and a million little odd maintanance jobs we haven't gotten round to, I can focus on Lukas and resting. I'm sure that's the reason I'm able to enjoy him as much as I do. He's just so very beautiful and amazing.

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