Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Almost time

So, I'm flying out on Sunday night. EEEEEEEEP.

I have sorted out most admin things (including FINALLY confirming a shipping company), and am still trying to really get into sorting out the house. Turns out, the company pack for you - not that they tell you that unless you understand the jargon in their Terms and Conditions - but I still have to sort out what's going and what isn't, which is the bigger job. Getting it in boxes after that is the easy part.

The carpet is being fitted today, the oven comes tomorrow, the shipping company and a skip come on Friday, friends to help me put rubbish in the skip on Saturday, and I fly on Sunday! Monday morning first thing is a fitting for my bridesmaids dress (hope I don't retain too much water on the flight).

Have I mentioned EEEEEEEEP!!!!

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