Friday, 13 November 2009

So much to stress out over, so little time.

Did I say "the last FEW things" in my previous entry? Ha. Ha! HA!

For the next week and a half:
  • I've ordered a skip to put the rubbish in the back garden in.
  • I've arranged with some friends to help put the rubbish in the skip.
  • I've booked my flight.
  • I've arranged shipping for our household contents.
  • I've got the forms we need to ship the car.
  • I've arranged for new carpet to be layed on the stairs.
  • I've bought a new oven.
  • My brilliant father in law is coming over to finish the new kitchen floor he layed, install the oven, fix the heating, fix the leaking bath and whatever else needs doing.
  • I need to pack my luggage for going to SA, including all the things I've bought for my sister's wedding
  • I need to pack the house (yes, I still haven't really packed anything)
I am sort of freaking out. My stomach, which has a habit of trying to digest itself when I stress, is being mean to me and I feel constantly slightly nauseous. I didn't even eat dinner last night - when I skip a meal you KNOW I'm not ok!

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Zohar said...

At least maybe you'll lose some weight from this?

Good luck, you'll be fine, with a little help from your friends.

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