Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Self pity

I was going to write a blog post about the Indawu fan park where we watched Prime Circle, The Parlotones and the Uruguay/Netherlands match last night. But I am far too sick and feeling far too sorry for myself for that.

The fan park was a bit cold, then our bed was too hot (we forgot the electric blanket on). Steve woke up once for an hour-long support call and once with indigestion and the rest of the time he snored like a thing that snores very much. At 5am I gave up and went to sleep on the sofa, which was both cramped and cold.

And now I’m really achey and shivery and have no strength. Early night for me, for sure! I’m drinking lots of rooibos tea (for fluids) in the meantime and overdosing on immune boosting supplements.

So there, now my self pity is out there for the whole world* to see. Feel sorry for me. Thank you.

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