Monday, 26 July 2010

Back in the real world

Today is my first day back at work for two and a half weeks.

Steve took some UK colleagues to the Pilanesburg Game Reserve on Saturday, as is his habit when new people come over from the UK, so had the car and the day to myself. Considering I spent the last two and a half weeks in pajamas, with a rash and totally on my own, it was a good day when I showered or bathed nevermind other types of personal grooming. So, with the prospect of going back to work I utilized Saturday to get myself back into some sort of socially acceptable state.

The rash had done a real number on my skin. My very dry face and body I could exfoliate and moisturise but my scalp was harder to try and save. So on Saturday I went for a facial and a scalp treatment (and an underarm and leg wax while I was at it). My face is still quite dry but my scalp is so much better – no more dry flaky skin that makes it look like I have the worst case of dandruff EVER.

I am still under the weather, and I still get tired quite easily, but I’m back at work today. I had offered to come in for a half day Thursday and/or Friday but that was declined, making me feel a little less than wanted (although I’m sure that wasn’t the intention) and people have barely recognized my existence since walking in the door. Also, all my work has been reassigned in my absence (fair enough) and there’s nothing new for me to do (less fair, I think, since the powers that be have known I’ll be back today and that I’d already caught up on my emails over webmail). So today is quite meh.

I am however grateful to be getting a little better every day. I don’t seem to have much issue left with food; in fact Steve and I went out for lunch yesterday and I ate a decent portion of a ribs and duck combo (sounds weird, tasted great) and veggies. My cough is all but gone, and even my voice is almost back to normal. I still get tired but not as bad as last week. My bunged up nose is the most noticable symptom at the moment.

Here’s to both my health and my perception of work improving.

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Zohar said...

I'm glad to see you're feeling better! Don't worry about work, they just wanted you to rest and want to give you a day to get back into work. It's not about not being wanted, quite the opposite, I'm sure.

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