Friday, 8 January 2010

Angels really are among us

So it's 8 days into the new year and we don't have a home, I don't have a job, our car is from a hire company, our belongings are still in storage in the UK, we don't have much cash and we don't have internet. I'm already pushing my luck with the amount of broadband I've used up of Steve's work mobile internet the company provides for him to dial in after hours.

And you know what? I can't remember the last time I was this happy or content.

Even while we were still in the UK, even when things there were hectic and stressful to get here, I had this inescapable feeling that I'm headed exactly where I need to be. And I knew that things like finding a place to rent would sort itself out (usually I would not be able to live my life with so many uncertainties).

Steve's colleague and friend, Leigh, offered us her spare room for as long as we need it and she's gone out of her way to make us feel like this is our home too. This has given us the freedom to look at properties until we find the right one, rather than feeling pressured into taking one just to get out from under her feet.

Leigh and I have also found much common ground as Christians and I believe we were brought into each other's lives at a time that we both would benefit greatly from mutual encouragement and prayer.

Her hospitality and generosity has made this period one of wonder and gratitude, rather than stress and desperation.

Steve seems to be doing well too, work is not as busy as it was in the dying throes of 2009 and he's actually even been sleeping well (this is a rarity for him). Don't misunderstand me, it is a big adjustment for him and he finds it hard at times - Christmas, for example, with so much family together made him feel the absence of his - but he seems to be settling in and there's a calmness about him which carries through into our relationship, which seems to be sailing along on smooth, clear waters after the storms and rapids of a stressful 2009.

I know I've been out of contact a lot but it's difficult right now, when I'm able I will make up for it and I do miss you, my friends.

So the bottom line is, we don't have a house yet although I'm looking at a number of places again today, but it's ok and we're doing very well.


Zohar said...

I'm really happy to hear all of that. Well, not the particular facts, but your state of mind. Surprised and happy. :)

Keo said...

Happy Jonica makes it all worth it dear.
Speak to us as and when you can during the difficult net time but don't worry too much about it in the meanwhile. We'll be waiting when you get back "0n the grid".


Jean said...

You sound very happy, my darling - It's so good to hear your news(I'm with Zohar - your state of mind sounds good). Watch out for those black mambos (I watch too many Natural History documentaries). We have a play on this week at LADS - so all very busy here. Garry has gone off to camp for 5 nights (in the snow - he's mad), but the Dan and Andy are around, so I'm not all on my own and still having to cook ... Lots of love. Jean.

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