Saturday, 16 January 2010

Be vewy vewy quiet; I'm hunting houses!

So I think we found The House.

It's a three bedroom house with double garage, 2 bathrooms, good security, a nice garden, a khoi pond, a guest cottage and a pool 30mins from Steve's work (would be 10 without traffic). If you know Johannesburg, it's in Bordeaux in Sandton; very near to where Republic Road crosses Jan Smuts. It's so big and so lovely, I'm really thrilled!

Even though we don't have the 3 months' payslips and letters from previous lessor etc etc that they usually require the agent seems happy enough with what we can provide as well as with my credit check (thanks Dad for getting that credit card in my name when I was a student!!). We signed the lease agreement today but she will have to fax it to the owner in France to sign before it's official. We hope to be in there in February.

We are fortunate enough to have some furniture my sister left for us when she moved, and a good friend who is storing it for us, so we will have the essentials (i.e. somewhere to sleep and something to eat food off). The rest (that which we do not expect in the shipment of our UK stuff*) will have to be built up as time goes by and, more importantly, money is earned.

We had a quick look in Game (ha you just lost it ... so did I, damn) at appliances - sheesh they're expensive. The fridge I really really want is about R10 000. As I said; all in good time. We definitely won't be going out one Saturday on a home shopping spree and end up with a fully furnished house by the end of the weekend. As much as that is a really fun little fantasy of mine.

We gave the hire car back this morning so I don't have a choice other than to spend the next few days lounging around the house or pool and watching the DVDs my friend kindly lent me; woe is me :-D

More soon, if internet availability allows.

* don't even ask when that is likely to be.


Keo said...

Sounds Awesome dear!

And by guest cottage you of course mean "Keo Cottage" ;)

Zohar said...

I hope it all goes through. Post pictures, too!

What's a khoi pond?

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! Dankie dat jy ons op hoogte hou!!!! Ons mis vir jou en wonder gereeld hoe dit met jou/julle gaan!! So bly Leigh is in jou lewe....


ps: As jy wil kan julle gou oorvlieg vir seuns se partytjie 31 Januarie!!!xx

Anonymous said...

h&m&kinners is ons....heiné, maritza en kinners xxx

Moonica said...

@Zohar: eep, it would help if I spelled it right.
"Koi, or Japanese Carp, are ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds and water gardens".

@Keo: YES. Come visit! Little Keo misses you. Come to think of it, I think it's time he had another adventure.

@H&M&K, ek het geraai dis julle :) hoop dit gaan baie geseend met julle! Sal baie graag die boeties se verjaarsdag wou saam vier; hou vir ons maar 'n stukkie koek asseblief!

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