Sunday, 31 January 2010

Making our move!

We've started moving in!!!!!

I got the keys from the estate agent last week, and met the owner. He's really nice and very helpful so I feel good about dealing with him in future.

Once again it has been an experience in gratitude for good friends.
  • Our friend Inus has been storing the furniture my sister left behind when she moved to Singapore for over two months so we can use it when we get a house.
  • Our friends René and Regardt lent us their bakkie (pick-up truck) for the entire weekend (and at short notice), without which I have no idea how we would have moved our things, or how much it would have cost us.
  • Leigh lent us her car (AGAIN) so we could go to Centurion and get the bakkie, and took us there to return it.
A big thanks to all our friends, not just the ones I've remembered to thank, who've been helpful and made us feel at home and welcome in Johannesburg.

So we have the start of furnishings; we're in the process of unpacking and buying some stuff; unfortunately I don't have time for more details right now but it's going really well and we're even inches away from buying a car. More soon, I promise!!


Zohar said...

The more I hear about this the happier it makes me. I must admit it's not solely for your happiness, but because it means you'll get internet at home soon. :)

Keo said...


Sounds awesome hun :)

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