Thursday, 3 December 2009

Home sweet home

I had been in Johannesburg for a week, which was nice. I saw Steve again, viewed a few houses (none that took), fitted my bridesmaids dress (looks beautiful!), and found some great bridesmaids shoes with my sister and the other bridesmaid, Erika.

Then my sister and I flew down to Cape Town and spent two days in the city meeting with wedding providers. It went really well and everything is going according to schedule and plan for the wedding.

Then we came to Velddrif where my parents live, about 150km north of Cape Town on the West Coast. It's LOVELY being home. Now we're just resting, doing wedding things over the internet, and doing fun little bits like putting ribbons around things.

There are still things that need doing before Steve and I are settled in, but that's a whole different post.


Zohar said...

"Fun little bits like putting ribbons around things" gives me a hilarious mental picture of you two prancing around like mischievous pixies placing ribbons on cars, leftover chicken, a paper bag, the TV...

Moonica said...

That made both of us giggle, thank you! I meant more like serviet rings :D

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