Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's a nice day for a white wedding

The wedding was beautiful!!

Almost everything went off without a hitch - when you plan something that elaborate something is bound to go slightly off plan but as long as it's nothing major you count it as a victory. Especially if most of the small things, the bride wasn't even aware of.

She looked lovely of course and the ceremony was beautiful, I admit I wiped away a little tear or two. The weather was gorgeous, the hall looked fantastic, the food was scrumptious and the newlyweds looked nausiatingly cute and in love.

The next day all the family and a lot of friends all went for a picnic at Boschendal wine estate, which was also superb. After that, Liana and Louis went off for a little pre-honeymoon break. You see, so many friends and family have come from far away, they didn't want to jet off immediately so they took a few days for themselves and they'll be joining us at my parents' home in Velddrif tomorrow, together with the inlaws and some of my family and we'll all have Christmas together.

Steve and I fly back to Johannesburg on the 27th, then our first priority will be to find somewhere to live.

If I don't update before then, hope you have a lovely festive period spent with loved ones and good food.

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