Thursday, 17 December 2009

Long time no see

Sorry I haven't updated in a while!! We've been very busy with wedding stuff and planning for all the family that are coming to visit and having a hen party. For example, my cousin who just asked me why I haven't updated my blog in so long! So this one's for you, Jasper!

The hen party was a lot of fun, although I felt quite... tired... the next day. I think my sister enjoyed it though.

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary so we escaped for the afternoon to our favourite restaurant in the area, Pearly's. We don't usually do presents but we walked past a bookstore that had beautiful collections of books, so we bought each other the complete Sherlock Holmes collection, a Dickens omnibus, the works of the Bronte sisters and the works of Jane Austen. Yay impulse purchases!

Everyone is of course very much looking forward to the wedding and I'm pleased to note my sister doesn't look too stressed out. Most of the arrangements are going smoothly too, a few hiccups but nothing of too much importance.

Well that's as much as I can think to tell at the moment; I'll start putting wedding favours in boxes in the garden now I think.

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Keo said...

Glad you're doing all ok hun.
Can't wait to chat next. Ohh, can you email me your number again, I can't seem to get it to work :(

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