Friday, 30 October 2009

Gone fishing

So, today's my last day at the office!

I have got some documents to wrap up detailing the projects I've been working on so I can hand them over, and then I just need to get all my crap off the hard drive and tidy my desk.

This is my first goodbye and the first time it really feels like the move is real. It's not nice to leave colleagues behind and a bit scary to make so big a change but I'm starting to get excited.

Not too excited yet, though, as not working next week means I have to pack in ALL seriousness!

Looking forward to lunch at the pub with colleagues and some drinks there after work. I just wish I wasn't so tired from my very painful shoulder muscles keeping me awake, but Tesco had these horribly tacky looking giant cans of "Relentless" energy drinks on special. The MD's already thought it was a can of beer - a bit early for that, even on your last day at work! :D


Keo said...

I love Relentless, I drink a can of that and I'm good to go for a few hours, just buzzing around like a hummingbird and a monkey had a mutant offspring.


Hope the last day goes well hun, HUGS!

Moonica said...

Hmmm, mutant hummingmonkey... sounds adorable! Do they flit around flowers flinging poo at them?

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