Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I have a cold

Colds are odd. They're the least likely illness to garner you much sympathy, and yet there's no cure (which you should read in a really dramatic voice). It affects your sinuses, which leaves your eyes and nose feeling clogged and swollen and since this is the place where we do most of our observing of the world, and breathing, it really makes all the rest of you feel odd, out of touch and miserable. It affects your brain and muscles and makes you feel lethargic and like you never want to leave your sofa again. You long for some quenching fluids and nourishing food but you can't be arsed to get up and go into the kitchen. You use up a small deciduous forest in tissues. You sound like Daffy Duck when you try to talk. And if you're me you keep falling asleep with a throat lozenge in your mouth, no matter how often you tell yourself it's a really unsafe idea.

And yet I couldn't justify staying home for a second day in a row for AN INCURABLE DISEASE (see, it's fun being melodramatic).

I wish I had because not only do I feel worse now I'm at work than when I got up this morning and decided to go to work, but I am also clearly in a slightly delirious, odd, philosophical state which is bad for myself and anyone around me (which includes you since you were silly enough to read this far).

So, yeah: what's up with the common cold?

More news on moving when there is any, promise.

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Cara said...

Oh you poor pet, there's nothing worse than a headcold, really, nothing in the whole wide world, truly. Because you're never really quite sick enough to justify missing work but my god are you miserable the entire time you're there. Plenty of fluids my dear, fruit and my mum swears by Lemsip! Although I find hot Ribena just as comforting and far more palatable. Get well soon!

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