Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Moo & Keo's first convention

Woohoo, my friend Matt booked a table today for his and my little webcomic, Moo & Keo, at the 2010 UK Web & Mini Comix Thing! I am so sad that I may not be here. I hope to, though, depending on what things look like in March.

We're really excited about the exposure but mostly just about the fun. If I go I fully intend to bake lots of cupcakes for handing out. If I don't, I fully intend to be there via webcam on Matt's laptop. We're starting to plan the merchandise and freebies we'd like to get sorted such as badges, t-shirts and other (preferably totally quirky) things.

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Sungura said...

I hope you can go, and I hope I can come! :)

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