Friday, 9 October 2009

Welcome and thanks

Firstly, thanks to everyone at my spiritual home on the internet, the xkcd fora, for their input and for the interest in the blog.

So, hi, I'm Moo. Or Moonica. Or in extreme cases, Moohanica: Last of the Moohanicans.

I'm a white, Afrikaans, Christian, late 20s, geek girl South African living with my British husband Steve (aka Stefaans aka Shandy) in England. He's been offered a great job in the Johannesburg headoffice so soon we'll be moving (happy and sad at the same time). I have two weeks of work left and a LOT of packing. He's leaving in a month exactly from today, I'll join him a few weeks after.

This blog is really somewhere to document the move and dump some of the randomness that pops into my curly head sometimes.


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