Tuesday, 13 October 2009

GIR (aka, the car)

Yes, our Ford Focus is named after GIR.

GIR's been for two services so far and we still can't find the original service history booklet (we are kind of like that). Luckily, the last time I was at the dealership the woman on reception told me I can order a new book and they'll fill it in for me - and also to order it online as it is more expensive than it needs to be from Ford itself. I found one on eBay for £5 plus free shipping - and at £5 I don't mind giving it a shot and seeing if it turns out ok.

I'm glad to say it did! Yay eBay. GIR is now all caught up on his service history which is nice as we're shipping him to SA. It would have cost a fortune in import duty and VAT for me to take a car back as a returning citizen; but luckily hes in Steve's name and it's duty-free for new immigrants. So yay, GIR is coming to South Africa. We still need to read through all the paperwork though and actually arrange the shipping. Eeep.

Speaking of GIR, he really needs a wash. Oh, no no no, I don't wash him. Don't be silly. I take him to the dodgy looking carwash down the road on the site of the abandoned petrol station where they clean outside and in for £10.

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